martes, junio 23, 2009

User Content sharing in Rotoroscope

User Content sharing is a good way to give your game a longer life and a better experience for players. Tipically in a game you would like to share the player's progression in the game (like scores or medals/awards obtained). But also if your game support user created content (using a built-in editor) like user created levels, you'd probbably want to allow the players to share them too.

A few Live Indie Games (formerly Live Community Games) support this already. There's even a free component by enchantedage that allows exchanging highscore data. This component is being used in a few titles available now in the Community Games channel. There is also some other games that support this feature, like Zoomaroom (a very nice game, btw!). Anyway, there's a catch with current implementation on all games i've seen right now: They require you to stop playing the game and enter a special lobby designed for content exchange only.

As the only way to exchange content right now is to do it using network games (using a special multiplayer mode, that instead of exchanging and synching game object state, it exchanges game data like scores or user levels), all current implementation on content sharing require a players signed with Gold account privileges to work. This is mandatory, and there's no workaround. Only Gold Live members can enjoy content sharing, and that's a fact.

So current state of the art, is as mentioned: Gold is required and Lobby based sharing. We can do nothing about the Gold membership, we'll just have to live with that. But what about the lobby? There's two major problems with this approach:

1) First, is not fun. You don't want the player to stop playing to be able to share content.
2) The chances of two or more players to be sharing content simultenously is going to be really low, resulting in getting new user content for other players being to rare.

So we decided to make implement our content sharing as a "background service" that will be always running, transparently for the player, while he is playing the game. There's a couple of problems also with this approach, which are the following:

1) While playing the game, all Marketplace downloads you may have queued in your xbox will be paused.
2) When content sharing takes place in the backgrund, you probably need to access the storage device to save/load the content you're sharing, and that will cause the game to freeze sometimes, which can bother the player.

Our game content sharing is currently working, but is suffers from thoose two problems. I'm currently working on minimizing them.

For the queued donwloads, we have just provided a mechanism to allow the user to control wheter the content sharing is enabled or not, in the game options screen. This way, if you have downloads that you don't want to be stopped, just go to options menu and disable content sharing.

For the small freezes, we have already implemented a few of things:

1) We are packaging all files (objects) to be sent into a single transfer, to provide a single storage access per content exchange session.
2) Limit the amount of files being transfered per exchange session
3) Display a cool animated indicator for "storage device being accesed right now" while the files are being retrieved.
4) Implemented zip compression to reduce the time of the exchange session or increase the amount of files.
5) Implemented a cool animated notification to show the user that new content has arrived.

So currently, while playing Rotoroscope, if you have a Gold Live account, you will eventually see a popup animated notification (similar in size and behaviour to the xbox built-in notice for achievement and system events) that will indicate that another player had been contacted for content sharing. Then you continue playing, and a few seconds later the game will freeze for a second or two, showing the "storage being accesed" icon (only if the other party wants any of your avalable contents). Then you'll continue playing and sometime later you'll see a new popup notification indicating: "X new user puzzles are now available!"

Putting this thing to work has been a very painfull task... but I can't say that I'm really happy with the results. This implementation is already available in the lastest source code version of Tomahawk (sorry, no time to pack releases for the engine so far).

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