miércoles, junio 24, 2009

User content sharing up and running!

Today I've been incorporating the design made by Qapitan (Enrique Cabeza) for the content sharing notifications. I made this small video to demonstrate the finished feature in the game.

What you see in the background is the "Puzzle Library", one of the game modes available in Rotoroscope (I'll post a complete overview of this soon). Whenever the content sharing service contacts another party, a popup will show up to notify this. A few seconds later, another popup will show indicating the results of the exchange session if any (the other party may not have new contents for us to retrieve).

Sorry about the lack of sound, the sound fxs aren't quite definitive yet, so I preffer not to show them right now.

Today, I've been porting the whole engine and game to XNA 3.1 too. The port was kick and painless, everything worked just fine. Kudos for the XNA team, as allways xD

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