lunes, junio 22, 2009

Quick update about Nivel21 and Rotoroscope

This is only a quick update (more to come, I promiss) on my recent activities.

First, I'm now working on my own, since January. I was fired (like many others) out of Pyro Studios upon COPS cancellation in December 2008. Since then I found myself in the right moment to do what I allways wanted to, build my own games.

Nivel21 Entertainment started 4 years ago as an amateur game development group. Now it's slowly turning into an actual company. Our first game it's called Rotor-O-Scope, and it's going to be entered to DreamBuildPlay 2009 competition soon. If we perform well in this competition, the game could be published directly in Xbox Live Arcade by Microsoft itselft, if we don't perform that well in the contest, we will autopublishing it in Xbox Live Indie Games.

The game is coming out prety well, and we are all very happy with the results. Hope the Microsoft jury agree with us next month xD

The team behind this game, and it's actual scope, it's reasonably big compared with our previous projects. These people are currently involved in the development:
  • Emilio José Lopera, design leader and 3D artist
  • Enrique Cabeza, 2D and UI artist, and additional designer
  • Carlos Lopez, tech programmer
  • Juan San Miguel, logic programmer
  • Mauricio Garcia (myselft), logic programmer and project management
  • Álvaro Rico, characters design
  • Juan Miguel López, 3D artist
  • Carlos Viola, music composer
  • Daniel Franca, 2D artist
  • Fernando Román (of Sonogames), audio fx
About only 6 weeks of development are currently left. In a few weeks we will be able to start pushing actual details and facts about the game. For now, all I can say it's a very addictive puzzle game, and that you gonna love it :D

The game engine (Tomahawk) is going to be published as open-source, so other developers can bennefit from our hard work in the technology side. In fact, the engine is already public but currently there is not enough documentation or samples for anybody to care about it. We're working that out right after meeting the DBP deadline.

Last, I'm getting serious about posting in my blog, this time for real xD

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