miércoles, agosto 15, 2007

Back to the Assembly

Three years have gone since I realized my dream of visiting the legendary Assembly party. Then, I made myself the promise of being back, to participate in the competitions.

Now, I made it again to the great city of Helsinki, and the mighty Hartwall Arenaa. But this time I'm not going alone, neither my hands are empty!

TimeScratchers, the demogroup I belong to is entrying a pc demo called "Breakdance not hearts", made entirelly by Violet, and Nivel21, the amateur videogame studio I'm part of, is entrying a videogame called "Xcene Table Soccer".

"Breakdance not hearts!", by Violet (#7 at PC Demo)

"Xcene Table Soccer", by Nivel21 & TimeScratchers (#10 at GameDev)

Please visit TimeScratchers website to know more about these two prods.

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