sábado, junio 23, 2007

Nivel21 finishing its firts videogame ever

We've been very busy in these last four month, working as hard as possible on our first videogame ever. We've been gathering at Alex's house during the last weekends. Here are some pictures of some of the team members.

Here you see Globero and Cerberus, probably testing the game in my PC. On the back is Vic, Qapitan's girlfriend who's kind enough to came to help in this hard hours.

This guy is Qapitan, the Design Leader (artist director) who's is having some serious work on the GUI design. Notice he's wearing a Microsoft cap, probably trying to catch the attention of our future (with a bit of look) publishers ;)

This is a better view of Vic, who is helping us to get the different team Logos ready for the deadline. I hope she's enjoying the experience, and maybe considering to be part of the team on the near future. On the back, Globero and I are implementing some stuff I can't remember right now.

This is Zelldweller, the 3D whore. He's doing the hi-poly models that will be used to generate the normalmaps.

This is me preparing to implement something a bit more complicated than usuall (can't remember what). You can see I'm planning down on my scratch book, before getting into the actual coding.

This is the complete 2D team, Garander, Prisim and Qapitan. They seem very busy, isnt't it?

This must be me showing some noticeable advances on the gameplay to rest.

Well this is all I can tell you for now. The game is still a 'secret' until we send it to the free, will be occurring on July, 2nd.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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