jueves, julio 16, 2009

3RROD won't stop us!

After a week and a half of hard work at coding the new serialization framework for Tomahawk engine (a.k.a SerialBoost), finally everything was ready for a first try on the Xbox. I was supposed to measure the new loading times against the old one. So I went to my Xbox, to test and pre-SerialBoost game build agains my stopwatch. I turn the Xbox on and... surprise! I got a beautyful 3 red lights ring of dead on my box :'(

I got really dissappointed by the fact that we are less than 20 days away from the DreamBuildPlay deadline, and I really wanted to check if my coding efforts of the past weeks were worthy or not. Instead of crying, or even launching the console out the window (which was one of the first thing that came into mi mind at first) I jump into surgery mode and opened the xbox for an emergency X-Clamp-Fix.

Finally, and luckyly, at 1:30 A.M. I got my Xbox back to life, here is picture of myself holding and hateing the X-Clamp piece removed:

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