martes, octubre 17, 2006

TimeScratchers ruled BcnParty110!

Hello everyone, it's been my first post in about 6 six month, I think. We've been really busy working in our demoscenish projects.

This weekend we entered several productions to BcnParty110 and I must say that we mostly won everything we participate in, as the overall participation of this year's edition was very low. In some categories with have absolutelly no competitors, so this is somewhat 'sad' victory.

Anyways, our team did its best, and everything worked pretty fine and as expected. We managed to use every technique we proposed at the very beggining stage, six month ago. Most of the necessary techniques we need to learn to start programming games are already there, so we may be starting the development of our first game very soon...

Here comes a pic, of the entire team (excepts Violet, and Shören). The musicians were digitally added later, as they couldn't attend the party. This may count as a physical exibit they really exists after all! Try guess who they are... ;)

I'd like to thank Guideline and TLOTB for voting our production, and make us win our first demo compo, also making us the happiest people in the world. Thank you guys!

And finally, please attend the next BcnParty and bring on some cool productions with you, or we will end winning a lot of stuff again ;)

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Charlie_Grind dijo...

Timescratchers Rules!!
bgparty 2007 - May 2007
Jodiendo la escena!!!
Not Forget to come!!!